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Release Version 1.10, Build 290 is available on the Download page.

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Please note the "patch" file will update W95SSTV 1.10 Build 280 only! If you have an earlier version, you will need to download either the complete archive, or the "diskette images". Please make sure to un-install any previous version before installing a new one!

W95SSTV FAQ (Frequently-Asked Questions)

I can't get the program to AutoStart correctly, and it often starts "out-of-sync". What gives?

In most cases, it's the audio level. W95SSTV isn't terribly fussy about it, but the audio level should be maintained between 2 bars and 1/2 scale on the "Level Meter". It should never exceed 1/2 scale, as the audio peaks will distort, wreaking havoc, and causing heartburn. Levels less than 2 bars can cause the mode and sync-detection routines to misfire. Please bear in mind that because of the methods we use to demodulate the SSTV signal, the brightness and color tones will not change with the audio level, so you'll need to use the Level Meter as a guide. The audio range between 2 bars and 1/2 scale represents between 70 and 80db, (depending on the sound card) so once you get it set, you'll rarely have to change it.

How do I work on a picture while I'm receiving or transmitting one ?

Easy! Just double-click on the Paint icon, or click the "Image Processor" button, and do your editing in the Paint window. When you're ready to send your picture, either click the "Export" button in the Paint window, or click, hold, and drag the image from the Paint icon to the TX/RX window.

I get "clicking" or "whirring" in my transmitted audio. How come ?

You're either using an older 8-bit sound card, or an 8-bit driver in Windows 95. The most common of these is the older "SoundBlaster Pro". Currently, W95SSTV supports only 16-bit sound cards, with native Windows 95 drivers. 8-bit cards like the SB-PRO will work with W95SSTV under Windows NT, but not in Windows 95. There's a limitation of the 8-bit sound card drivers that we have not been able to work around.

I occasionally get "Sniffing Errors". What causes them ?

These errors are caused when W95SSTV can't get enough of the computer's time to function properly. You have a bottleneck somewhere, or some hardware or software that is "hogging" or "bogging down" the processor. There are (literally) thousands of ways for this to occur, but we will try to help you find it if we can. The first step is to disable any running software, including screen savers, anti-virus programs, and printer "spoolers". Just think of the computer like a truck climbing a hill. Every pound of "baggage" counts!

We'll keep adding to this FAQ as time goes on, and probably move it to a separate page. If there's something you would like to see posted here, send us an email message.

Thanks, folks, and let us know how you're doing !