W95SSTV Download Page

The latest version of W95SSTV can be downloaded from our FTP site, or from one of the sites below.

The current build levels are :
Release version 1.10, Build 290 (19 June, 1998)


*** Please remember to 'uninstall' any previous copy before installing a new one. (does not apply to patches)


Download Version 1.10.290 as one large file. (~3.8mb)


You can also download Version 1.10.290 as three smaller "disk" files.

Disk 1
Disk 2
Disk 3

If you have W95SSTV 1.10 Build 280 installed, you can upgrade it to Build 290 with this "patch" file.
**NOTE** This patch will not work with W95SSTV builds earlier than 1.10.280 ! **

Download Version 1.10.290 patch file (~256kb)

Please remember to look at the release notes included with the distribution file. You can read them by selecting "Release Notes" from the Help menu.