W95SSTV Bugs and Compatibility Issues

"Reverse" images, Incorrect image scaling, or "trashed" thumbnails

Actually, this can be caused by two things.

(1) There are quite a few people running W95SSTV on computers with 256-color video cards and drivers. Although it might work, we can't and don't support it officially. If you're not sure exactly what TrueColor is, I've added a section in the Release Notes that addresses the topic.

(2) Some Trident 94XX (VLB and PCI) and S3 video drivers have some "features" that will cause W95SSTV to do some strange things. Some PCI cards based on the Trident 94XX and 96XX chipsets will work correctly with an updated driver. We can supply this driver if requested, but can't guarantee it, or be responsible for the results if you install it.

"Clicking" or distortion in the transmitted audio and/or color "bleeding" in received pictures

This is caused by a bug in the Windows 95 driver for 8-bit SoundBlaster and SoundBlaster-compatible cards. We have been working with both Creative Labs and Microsoft to get this resolved, but have not as yet had any success. These cards can be used with W95SSTV under Windows NT, but will not operate correctly under Windows 95.