Robot Helper 3

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Introduction to Robot Helper

Robot Helper is a 32 bit Windows 95 program which can be used to control a Robot 1200C Slow Scan TV scan conveter. The Robot 1200C converter interfaces to the PC through any 8255 based parallel interface card. (ie MetraByte or VE3DUO).

Robot Helper must be used with an external scan converter. If you are looking for a sound card based system please check out the W95SSTV program on the W95SSTV Page.


Version 3 Information

Robot Helper Version 3 is now available . Please see the RHREADME.TXT file for information on the current version.

Robot Helper Version 3 is a complete rewrite of the original program as a full 32 bit Windows 95 program.


Full size screen shot (110K) available.


Distribution Files

*** Robot Helper Version 3.1.4 now available ***

The Robot Helper 3 install files are now available. Due to the large size of the distribution you can download either one large install file (RH314.EXE 5.4 Meg) or four smaller 'disk sized' files (RH314D1.ZIP, RH314D2.ZIP, RH314D3.ZIP, RH314D4.ZIP,RHREADME.TXT). The disk sized files may either be unzipped onto floppy disks for installation or they can be all unzipped to a temporary directory and setup run from there.

Note: Robot Helper 3 is a 32 bit Windows program. You must be running Windows 95 (or NT4 ?(untested)) to use RH3.

The current version is 3.1.4 which corrects a minor bug in the saturation control introduced during the TIF problem fix in version 3.1.3.

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